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In the RPA® program, you’ll learn how to enhance the value of the asset through proper and strategic decision making. Components of this program include design, operation, and maintenance of an office building. You will become fully versed in budgeting and accounting for commercial real estate, risk management, and best practices in bidding. This program also covers reviewing and selecting contract providers, marketing and leasing the building, and operating the asset from an owner’s perspective through a comprehensive asset management component. 


March 25, 26, 27  Law & Risk Management

May 22, 23, 24  Environmental Health & Safety

June 24, 25,26  Budgeting & and Accounting

August 26, 27, 28 Design Operations & Maintenance of Building Systems I

October 23, 24, 25 Design Operations & Maintenance of Building Systems II



In the FMA® program, you’ll learn to manage facilities in a way that best supports tenants and staff, while meeting your organization’s overall objectives. This program covers everything from planning and project management to environmental health and worker safety. In addition, it provides the information needed to minimize maintenance costs and properly manage other timely issues.

In-person classes are hosted by Transwestern at Southfield Town  Center, 3000 Conference Room at 3000 Town Center (Suite 22)


TESTING Exams are administered in the BOMI learning portalLearners can take their exam immediately after finishing their course – no scheduling needed. Course exams are timed, but not proctored.

EXPERIENCE You can begin pursuing your RPA® FMA® at any time during your career. Before you are awarded the Designation, you are required to demonstrate three years of verifiable property management experience. The criteria are outlined in the Experience Forms which may be submitted at any time following enrollment.   RPA  | FMA

MORE on Capstone achieve RPA® and FMA® designations faster and more efficiently, while maintaining the highest standards in the industry.

Capstone Experience  RPA FMA

All courses certified for 18 CE Hours (Ethics 6 CE Hours)
Michigan Real Estate/Brokers License Credits




Take the first step in building a successful career in commercial real estate with the new Certified Manager of Commercial Properties™ (CMCP™). Designed for early-career property professionals who are looking to validate their industry knowledge, this new certification will take your career to the next level. Learn More

The ESG Certificate is a comprehensive credential for the commercial real estate industry.

This is a 5 module eLearning series offered in a self-paced online learning environment. 

The DNA of ESG: ESG 101
The DNA of ESG: Decarbonization
The DNA of ESG: Resilience
The DNA of ESG: Health and Well-Being
The DNA of ESG: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion 
Learn More

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