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The Government Affairs Committee (GAC) recognizes that the negative economic indicators and transitional political dynamics have the potential to adversely affect BOMA members and the communities that they serve. Since 1908, BOMA/Metro Detroit has advocated on behalf of the office industry on the local, state and federal levels on issues that impact our building members, including taxation, energy and sustainability, preparedness and codes.


 BOMA/Metro Detroit relies upon member contributions to our Political Action Committee and Industry Defense Fund to support our advocacy efforts and also encourages Property and Allied Members to join together to make their voices heard on important issues that affect members' building and business operations.




Our partners in Lansing, Michigan Legislative Consultants, are well respected and positioned in Lansing to keep BOMA at the top of the game for issues impacting CRE. Working with the GAC, they ensure our voice is heard on important issues that affect members' building and business operations.

BOMA Partner- Rudy Hobbs

Nearly Two Decades of Proven Leadership and Advocacy


Proposed Prompt Pay Act
HB 4837 | SB

    MANDATEDS TERMS IN PRIVATE CONTRACTS which will interfere with your rights to control project funds to correct defective or incomplete work.

    The contractor is entitled to submit invoice every 30 days, and requires an owner to pay undisputed amounts within 30 days after delivery of invoice. BUT, if you dispute the invoice, you must notify the party in writing with described detail within 10 days of receipt of the invoice.

    FURTHER, you will be required to deposit the amount of a disputed withheld payment into a verifiable and federally insured interest-bearing bank account or credit union account created for the subject project AND funds will not be released until settlement, arbitration award, or court order. You will also pay 12% interest on wrongfully disputed funds.

    AND you may be subject to attorney fees, arbitration costs, and expert witness costs.

    AND to add insult to injury, you will be limited or prohibited from withholding any retainage.



    BOMA continues to lead the industry as the voice for commercial real estate in state and federal government. We advocate for candidates and issues that promote economic vitality and the health of the commercial real estate industry and against those which would harm it.


     HB 4837 Also known as Prompt Pay Bill

    Interferes with owner rights to control project funds to correct defective or incomplete work.

    Differences from the Lien Act; Mandates terms in private contracts; limits owner's ability to withhold retainage; Requires written notice of disputed invoice within 10 days of receipt.

    BOMA strongly opposes along with AGC.

    Referred to Economic Development and Small Business Committee

     Michigan Healthy Climate Plan Governor Whitmer's plan to reach net zero in Michigan by 2050  
     Enabling Bills MHCP- SB 274 Zero emissions for new construction after 2026, targets for decarbonization to be codified   Oppose as introduced.
     BILL/ISSUES 2020
     HB 6101 | 6032 |6031 | 6030  Summary

    SB 1023 | 1024

    Safe harbor. COVID-19 Liability Protection. Bill Gilbert and Gregg McDuffee testified on behalf of BOMA.  

    Letter of Support        Testimony

    COVID-19 Response and Reopening Assurance Act Overview

    Signed by the Governor Thursday, October 22,2020. 

    Public Act 236 

     HR 141- The Small Business Energy Loan Enhancement Act would expand the maximum allowable amount businesses may borrow through the U.S. Small Business Administration 504 loan program for energy efficient investments and upgrades. the support and help from BOMA membership is critical. We are asking that you take action through this Capitol Canary campaign link  
    CARES Act- Fixed the qualified improvement property (QIP) error, allowing BOMA members, as well as restaurant and retail to fully expense tenant improvements. MORE included in the Act  Passed 6.11.20
     The Energy Savings and Industrial Competitiveness Act of 2019 (S. 2137 & H.R. 3962) MORE  
    Energy-Efficient Commercial Buildings Tax Deduction, commonly referred to as 179D MORE  

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