Real Estate Professional Membership Application

Building owners, managers, developers, asset managers, corporate facility managers/building engineers, leasing professionals, and medical office building managers.

a) No applicant on the grounds of race, color, religion, age, gender, handicap, disability, sexual orientation or national origin shall be excluded from participating in, or denied the benefits of membership.

b) Applicants qualify for membership upon payment of total annual dues and the recommendation of (1) a majority of the Board of Directors or (2) two thirds of all Principal Members present and voting at a regularly scheduled Association meeting. Application for membership shall be made on a form prescribed by the Board of Directors and signed by the applicant. A current member can sponsor a prospective member. Membership is not transferable or assignable. A member shall cease to be a member upon delivery of a written resignation to the Board of Directors or refusal to pay membership dues. Under no circumstances shall there be a refund of dues. BOMA members are representatives of their company; when a person leaves the employment of a member company, the “membership” remains with the company.
Michigan Real Estate/Brokers License # if applicable
Company Name:
Business Address:
State: Zip Code:
Building(s) Represented/Managed:
Cell Phone:
Please list two primary services that your company provides:
Referred by:   
What is your primary type of business or organization?
Building Portfolio Size (indicate square footage of ownership or operation):
How many buildings do you (not your company) manage?
What is the maximum purchase you can authorize?
What types of properties do you represent?
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Where are your buildings located?
Value of portfolio owned and operated in Michigan ($100 per sq. ft):
Number of Tenants Serviced by Facility:
Total Building Rentable Area
(in sq. ft):
Building Office Area (in sq. ft):
Building Retail Area (in sq. ft):
Principal Members: Building owners, managers, developers, asset managers, corporate facility managers/building engineeers, leasing professionals, and medical office building managers.
Additional Members: Any person(s) from the same member firm.
Non-Profit Members: A non profit entity recognized under sections 501 (c) (3) or 501(c) (6) of the Internal Revenue Code and duly registered in the State of Michigan to include units of government and their agencies, chamber of commerce, trade association and other non profit business oriented associations not involved in the direct management of real property.
Membership is on an individual basis and on a calendar year billing cycle, however you may join at any time and may qualify for a reduced rate.
Dues are through December 31, 2020.
Principal Membership (includes 3 members) $1,199.00 + $75 Advocacy Fee 
Additional Principal
(4th or more Member)
$475.00 + $25 Advocacy Fee 
Non-Profit Membership (includes 3 members) $929.00 + $75 Advocacy Fee
Additional Non-Profit
(4th or more Member)
$399.00 + $25 Advocacy Fee
Student Membership $50.00  
Administrative Personnel $50.00  

Note: As a result of change adopted as part of the Revenue Reconciliation Act of 1993, 21% of your dues payment to BOMA is not deductible as an ordinary & necessary business expense. Contributions or gifts to BOMA are deductible at 3% of your contribution as charitable contributions.

Advocacy fee of $25/member to strengthen the environment for our industry and Michigan Business.


I am mailing my check to:

BOMA/Metro Detroit
38800 Country Club Drive
Farmington Hills, MI 48331

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I hereby request membership in the Building Owners and Managers Association of Metro Detroit.