The Michigan Abolitionist Project (MAP) works to protect our communities to prevent human trafficking and transform the culture that causes slavery to exist and thrive. Human trafficking is when someone exploits another person using force, fraud, or coercion for financial gain; and it’s the 2nd largest criminal activity in our country and state. Our youth are especially vulnerable to fall prey to the tactics of traffickers. Human trafficking has been identified in communities all across Michigan, rural towns to big cities, including here in our local area. MAP aims to prevent it. They have established a growing number of community groups (now 12) spanning from east to west to mid-Michigan that are continually building awareness and serving their community.

We are making backpacks.

BOMA Community Affairs Committee will be assembling backpacks for those that have been victimized by human trafficking.  Backpacks will be distributed amongst survivors and delivered to women during street outreaches throughout the year. 

At our next year’s events and meetings, we will be asking you to bring specific items i.e. shampoo, nail polish, deodorant, tooth paste, etc. It can be simple—when you are out shopping you can pick up and extra item or two!  Or you can donate funds to help buy products.

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