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Social Media for Business
How to Use Twitter and Linkedin to Increase Engagement and Awareness

In today's digital world, social media has become as important strategy for business growth. It can be utilized in a variety of ways to increase awareness and engagement, grow your business, and better understand industry trend, news and resources. It is important for every business owner, manager and employee to understand how to use social media, the do's and don'ts, and best practices for posting, sharing and engaging with content.

By the end of the session you will:

  • Understand the tools and techniques to post, share, and engage on both platforms.
  • Recognize who uses social media, why it is used, what not to do and who to follow.
  • Engage with BOMA and prospects on social media

Presented by: Emily Fogleman, BOMA/Metro Detroit
Managing Administrator for Public Relations, Marketing and Events

This will be a hands on seminar on Twitter and Linkedin. It will be helpful to have an account set up prior. Here's How

DATE: Tuesday, February 18, 2020

LOCATION: BOMA Office - 38800 Country Club Drive, FH 48331
In the American Concrete Institute HQ, 1st Floor, Meeting Room A
TIME: Noon - 1:00 pm - sign in at 11:45

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BOMA Members/Staff & Guests - Lunch provided $25.00
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