We are BOMA

You should be a member of BOMA if you are a building owner, property manager, asset manager, corporate facility manager, leasing professional, medical office building professional, or anyone supplying products or services to the commercial real estate industry.

BOMA/Metro Detroit is Federated with BOMA International, so by becoming a local member, you are automatically a member of BOMA International, a premier network of 16,500+ commercial real estate professionals.

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Who We Represent:

  • Owners and Managers of Commercial Properties
  • Medical Office Buildings
  • Governmental Facilities
  • Financial Institutions
  • Institutional, Educational & Sports Facilities
  • Leasing Agents and Brokers
  • Asset Managers
  • Developers
  • Suppliers of industry products and services

BOMA Membership Benefits

  • Professional growth and corporate profits are enhanced through interaction with commercial real estate professionals in the communities we serve.
  • Membership includes BOMA/Metro Detroit and BOMA International providing direct access to the business network of commercial real estate professionals.
  • Membership provides advance warning and information about industry changes along with the combined lobbying efforts of local BOMA Associations and BOMA International which impact the real estate community and corporate revenues.
  • Comprehensive industry wide research and reporting along with direct access provides valuable “bottom-line” tools to increase revenues and reduce expenses. Access to discounts through member only discounts on publications, seminars and affinity programs.

Core Values of BOMA


BOMA Michigan, a professional advocacy coalition comprised of BOMA/Metro Detroit, BOMA West Michigan & BOMA Mid-Michigan, is the leading voice of the commercial real estate industry before Congress, federal agencies, and state, provincial and local governments. BOMA Michigan represents organizations managing more than 250 million square feet of office and industrial space and paying tens of millions of dollars annually in Michigan and local taxes.

  • BOMA Michigan employees and tenants total more than1.25 million people in Michigan.
  • BOMA members have a 70% voter turnout record.
  • BOMA organizations pay tens of millions of dollars annually in Michigan and local taxes
Advocacy Components:
  • BOMA International’s Advocacy Advancement
  • BOMA Michigan Coalition and Political Action Committee (P.A.C.)
  • BOMA’s active Government Affairs Committee
  • Consistent lobbying & direct communication with Michigan legislators
  • Consistent research & monitoring of advocacy issues
Advocacy Issues:
  • Competitive Business Environment
  • Green Building/Sustainability
  • Energy Efficiency

See more on BOMA/Metro Detroit's Advocacy efforts here


BOMI Designation Programs:
  • Real Property Administrator (RPA®) Designation
    Education for those who manage real estate assets. In this program, you will learn all aspects of operating a commercial building and maximizing a building’s net income while minimizing risk.
  • Facilities Management Administrator (FMA®) Designation
    Education for those responsible for making sure a facility runs smoothly by creating a safe and productive workplace for a company and by taking care of tenant issues such as comfort, safety, daily operations, and maintenance.
  • High-Performance Sustainable Buildings (HP™) Designation
    Education providing and in-depth understanding of how to define, initiate, pay for, complete, and obtain a return on investment for sustainable initiatives within all segments of a building or portfolio.

BOMI Certificate Programs:

  • Property Administrator Certificate (PAC)
    Only 3 Courses - Perfect for new and experienced professionals who are responsible for a single office building or a portfolio of real estate assets.
  • Facilities Management Certificate (FMC)
    Only 3 Courses - Ideal for those who manage the ongoing operation and maintenance of facilities.
  • Property Management Financial Proficiency Certificate (PMFP)
    Only 3 Courses - Recommended for those responsible for analyzing, managing, and investing in real estate assets.
BOMA Continuing Education Opportunities: