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Building Engineer of the Year Award

This award is given to building engineers who exemplify outstanding leadership and achievement in providing safe and comfortable environments ensuring maximum building performance. This award signifies a demonstrated ability and commitment to going beyond the expected standards of service and professionalism.

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Candidates for this award must have been employed as a building engineer for a minimum of three years at the time of nomination. Nominees must be employed by members of BOMA, but need not be a member themselves.

Fill out the information below or use this formpdf to nominate your Building Engineer. Nominations must be received by October 18th for consideration for this year's award.


Nominations must be made by a BOMA member in good standing.
Entries will be evaluated by an independent panel based on the information submitted, except those entries from their own organization.
Be specific when describing the qualities and assets of the nominee.   


Building Engineer of the Year Nomination Form


Nominee Name:  
E-mail address:  
 Building Property(s):

Nominator Name:
(If other than Nominee)
E-mail address:  

Length of service in the building currently working:
Length of service in the industry:
Participation in real estate organizations (BOMA, IFMA, USGBC, etc.)
Participation in trade organizations (Journeyman, Union, etc.):
Professional Development (any specialty endorsements, proprietary systems certifications, licensing, degrees):
Role played in significant reduction of engineering operating costs (utilities, repairs, maintenance, etc.):
Performance in a major capital investment:
Involvement in obtaining an Energy Star designation:
Examples during the year of going above and beyond for ownership, tenants or visitors to the building

Coworkers, managers and tenant recommendations (optional).

May be submitted independently to info@bomadet.org

Additional information for consideration:

Nominations for the 2019 Leadership Awards are due by October 18th, 2019
Please direct all inquiries to the BOMA Office: 248-848-3714 or info@bomadet.org