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NOW MORE THAN EVER your support of BOMA Michigan Advocacy is critical to our industry as we face the nation's highest unemployment rate, plummeting commercial real estate and home values, stagnant per-capita income growth, unprecedented vacancies, an onerous business tax, a growing state budget deficit and legislative challenges on all fronts!

Our PAC fundraising goal for this year is 100% participation. It is by coming together as an association that we can be a stronger voice for our industry on the issues that affect our businesses and threaten our way of life. Since our livelihoods depend on the health of our industry, we should ALL feel compelled to give something back. As members, we ask that you make a minimum of $25 commitment annually to support our advocacy efforts. For 2010 we can apply contributions to advocacy to help offset costs to maintain and strengthen our presence in Lansing. This means that you may submit a personal or corporate check or credit card.

Through your support, we as an organization will ensure that our interests are protected and a fair and competitive business policy is the priority for lawmakers.


The BOMA Michigan PAC is set up as a state-registered Independent PAC. As such, the PAC is governed by the election laws of Michigan as administered through the Secretary of State Bureau of Elections. The advantages of an Independent PAC are that the entity can accept unlimited amounts of money from an individual and can give up to 10 times the personal contribution limits to a state officeholder. For instance, the personal limit for an individual to give to a State Representative is $500. An independent PAC can give up to $5000 to that individual. For contribution purposes, a state independent PAC CANNOT accept any corporate cash. Again, no corporate checks. Here’s what we CAN accept:

  • Money from an individual (known as hard money)
  • Money from another state PAC, or from an LLC (Limited Liability Company) as long as an accompanying letter explains which of the partners should be credited with the contribution.

The PAC must keep a record of an individual's name and address. However, if the person contributes more than $100 in any calendar year, the PAC must also gather their business address and occupation.

We’ll also be hosting some fundraising events in the near future with prizes such as TVs, electronic equipment and trips. I promise you it will be fun to support your BOMA Michigan PAC!

We look forward to your support and participation in BOMA’s political activities.

John Sier, Esq.
Government Affairs Committee
BOMA/Metro Detroit; and
Kitch Attorney & Counselors
Bill Gilbert
Government Affairs Committee
BOMA/Metro Detroit; and