The BOMA Metro Detroit Governmental Affairs Committee
(GAC) recognizes that the negative economic indicators and transitional political dynamics have the potential to adversely affect BOMA members and the communities that they serve. The GAC has established the following Guiding Principles to guide their effort to mitigate these negative influences.

  • Demystifying the legislative and political process
  • Focus on humanizing the relationship with political leaders
  • Providing members with information and research-rich content
  • Establishing a committed pool of BOMA Legislative Ambassadors to promote advocacy and achieve outreach

BOMA Detroit Public Policy Priorities

Fair Minded Revenue Measures
BOMA supports a broad-based business tax employing a low-rate business income tax that treats real estate consistent with other businesses and fosters a positive business climate to promote positive growth in Michigan. Any revenue initiative should be broad-based, transparent, predictable, justifiable, and carefully tailored to minimize any adverse economic effect for BOMA Detroit members and the aggregate business community.           

BOMA supports development of a long term state wide energy strategy that promotes a reliable and renewable energy supply and affordable rates for residential, industrial and commercial customers, as well as efforts to reduce the cost of business in Michigan which will lead to long term economic vitality.
Further, BOMA strongly supports open competition in the electric marketplace.  Such competition is important to lowering electric costs and encouraging investment in the state’s electric infrastructure.

Environmental Stewardship
BOMA supports a more sustainable environment through voluntary means as opposed to mandates. Measures addressing energy efficiency, water savings, resource reduction or any other environmental concern should be well-vetted and cost-efficient.

Government Efficiencies
BOMA supports public policy initiatives that make all levels of government more accountable, fair, practical, cost effective, and customer service focused.

The Legislature introduces hundreds of bills each year, and many of them have direct and indirect impact on commercial real estate, purposeful or unintended. While individually you may not have the time and resources to monitor the actions in government, your Government Affairs Committee, the BOMA Staff, and our Lobbyists remain attentive to those issues affecting our industry.